AFO3 Fire Extinguisher

AFO3 Fire Extinguisher

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UHAFO Dry powder fire extinguisher ball can call auto fire off, Dry powder fire extinguisher ball, fire extinguishing ball, fire ball.  AFO automatically fire off, extinguisher ball, it can be put out the fire automatically.

 * Reaction time:3-5 seconds 
 * Auto spray/manual 
 * Everyone can be easy to use 
 * Environmental harmless dry powder and safe for users 
 * No need to do regular inspection every year, the life span is 5 years 
* Instruction: Fixed position by automatic fire sensor and/ or throw in fire area 
* Content: Environmental harmless dry powder 
* Automatic reaction time: 3-5 seconds 
* Effective extinguish area: 3 m3 
* Validity: 5 years 
* Shape: ball type 
* GW: 1.3kg

Application: Widely used in Household bedroom, factory, office ,Computer room, warehouse, kitchen, electric room, office, laboratory reference room, KTV, hotel, and other places to put out of the fire,